How to Take Stunning Images with Pixel 3XL for TF2: Tips and Tricks

How to Take Stunning Images with Pixel 3XL for TF2: Tips and Tricks

Are you a fan of the popular first-person shooter game – Team Fortress 2 (TF2)? Do you want to capture the essence of the game in stunning images using your smartphone? Look no further than Google Pixel 3XL – the ultimate device for capturing high-quality images. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks on how to take exceptional images with Pixel 3XL for TF2.

Understanding Pixel 3XL Camera Features

Before delving into taking images, it’s vital to understand the features of the Pixel 3XL camera that makes it ideal for photography enthusiasts. The Pixel 3XL comes with a 12.2 MP rear camera with dual-pixel autofocus and optical image stabilization. The camera also includes a Night Sight mode, which allows for low-light photography without the need for flash.

Another essential feature is HDR+, which enhances color and detail in photos taken in bright light conditions. The camera also has a wide-angle lens for capturing more extensive scenery. With these features, getting the perfect shot for your TF2 images is easy.

Optimize Pixel 3XL Camera Settings for TF2 Images

Taking stunning images with Pixel 3XL requires adjusting the camera settings to suit your photographic needs. For starters, ensure that HDR+ is enabled for enhanced color and detail in your images. You can also activate Night Sight mode when taking photos in low-light environments, such as dimly lit rooms or night-time outdoor gaming scenes.

Additionally, use the Portrait Mode feature to add a professional touch to your images by blurring out the background and focusing on the subject – players, weapons, and other relevant game elements. As a bonus, use the Google Lens feature to identify objects in your game environment, making it easier to frame your shots and select the perfect angles.

Utilize Lighting Techniques for Pixel 3XL TF2 Images

Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, and taking exceptional images with Pixel 3XL for TF2 requires optimizing lighting techniques. When capturing outdoor gaming scenes, avoid direct sunlight or harsh shadows by shooting in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is softer and more flattering.

For indoor gaming scenes, use natural light sources such as windows or overhead lights to your advantage. You can also experiment with artificial lighting to create unique effects or highlight specific elements in the image.

Explore Different Angles and Perspectives

Taking stunning TF2 images with Pixel 3XL requires exploring different angles and perspectives to capture the essence of the game. Avoid taking all your shots from eye-level and instead experiment with high and low angles to add depth and dimension to your images.

Also, consider taking wide-angle shots to capture vast gaming environments or close-up shots to showcase individual players or weapons. Experimenting with different angles and perspectives allows you to create a diverse collection of images that capture the excitement and energy of the game.

Post-Processing Pixel 3XL TF2 Images

Post-processing is an essential step in the image-taking process, and it involves editing your images to enhance their quality and overall appeal. With Pixel 3XL, post-processing is easy thanks to the Google Photos app, which contains various editing tools.

You can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance color and detail in your images. You can also crop your images, apply filters, or add text overlays to add a personal touch. Experiment with different post-processing techniques until you find a style that best suits your photographic vision.


Taking stunning images with Pixel 3XL for TF2 doesn’t have to be complicated. By understanding the camera features, optimizing settings, exploring lighting techniques, and experimenting with angles and perspectives, you can capture the excitement and energy of the game in exceptional images. Remember to post-process your images using the Google Photos app, and have fun with the process. With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to create a collection of stunning TF2 images that capture the game’s essence perfectly. 

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