iLikeComox: Exploring the Beauty of Comox Valley

iLikeComox: Exploring the Beauty of Comox Valley

Settled on the eastern bank of Vancouver Island, lies an unexpected, yet invaluable treasure known as Comox Valley. This pleasant ilikecomox district is home to an assortment of enchanting networks, each with its remarkable person and appeal. From perfect scenes to lively areas, memorable fishing towns to fabulous mountain ranges, Comox Valley has something for everybody. Go along with me as we find the magnificence of this dazzling objective and reveal why it genuinely merits the hashtag


What Makes Comox Valley Such a Beautiful Place?

ilikecomox Valley is a district that flaunts normal excellence every step of the way. Its area between the sea and mountains makes a different scene that is both stunning and peaceful. The valley is comprised of three principal networks – Courtenay, Cumberland, and ilikecomox – each offering its own unmistakable elements and attractions.

Discover the Pristine Landscape of Courtenay

Situated in the core of Comox Valley, Courtenay is a clamoring city encompassed by lavish vegetation and grand perspectives. It is frequently alluded to as the “center point” of the valley, as it is the biggest local area and offers a large number of conveniences and exercises.

One of the most notable tourist spots in Courtenay is the Puntledge Waterway. This waterway goes through the city and is a well-known spot for open-air lovers. You can go for a relaxed walk along the riverbank or take a shot at looking for salmon and trout. The Puntledge Waterway likewise offers probably the best whitewater kayaking nearby, making it a must-visit for daredevils.

For the people who favor a more loosened up pace, make a beeline for Seal Straight Nature Park. This 1,600-section land park is home to an assortment of untamed life, including seals, hawks, and wild bears. Leave through the forested paths and look out for the inhabitant animals. You can likewise partake in an outing at one of the numerous beautiful perspectives in the recreation area.

Explore the Vibrant Neighborhoods of Cumberland

Simply a short drive from Courtenay, you’ll track down the enchanting town of Cumberland. This little local area is known for its dynamic expression scene and rich history. It was once a roaring coal-mining town, and leftovers of its past can in any case be seen today.

One of the most mind-blowing ways of investigating Cumberland is by bicycle. The town is home to probably the best mountain trekking trails on Vancouver Island, with choices for all expertise levels. You can likewise take a directed visit through the notable coal mineshafts and find out about the town’s entrancing past.

Following a day of investigating, make a beeline for the Waverley Inn for some unrecorded music and a sample of the nearby specialty brew scene. This notable inn has been a staple in Cumberland starting around 1892 and keeps on being a well-known spot for local people and guests the same.

Visit the Historic Fishing Village of Royston

Found only south of Courtenay, Royston is an interesting fishing town that offers a brief look into the past. This minuscule local area was once a clamoring center for the fishing business, and even though it has dialed back lately, it holds its appeal and character.

One of the principal attractions in Royston is the Royston Shoreline Trail. This simple, 3-kilometer walk takes you along the coastline and offers staggering perspectives on the sea and close by islands. En route, you’ll pass by the memorable Royston Wrecks, an assortment of old boats that have been passed on to rust on the shore.

For a sample of nearby fish, make a beeline for the Royston Ocean side Market. This family-claimed market offers new fish got by nearby anglers, as well as various other privately made items. Get a few new clams or smoked salmon to appreciate the sea.

Witness the Grandeur of Mount Washington

No excursion to Comox Valley is finished without a visit to Mount Washington. This great mountain is found only a short way from Courtenay and offers all-year exercises for all ages. In the colder time of year, it is a well-known ski resort with more than 1,700 sections of land of skiable territory. In the late spring, it changes into a climbing and mountain trekking heaven.

One of the most extraordinary encounters at Mount Washington is the Falcon View Experience Visit. This directed visit takes you on a progression of ziplines and engineered overpasses through the treetops, offering stunning perspectives on the encompassing mountains and sea.

If you’re feeling gutsy, get out up to the highest point of Mount Washington. The climb requires around 3 hours full circle and offers shocking all-encompassing perspectives on the valley underneath. On a crisp morning, you could see the entire way to the central area.

Indulge in the Culinary Delights of Downtown Comox

Situated at the mouth of the Comox Harbor, the town of Comox is a foodie’s heaven. Its midtown center is fixed with beguiling shops, cafés, and bistros, each offering a special eating experience.

For a sample of nearby fish, make a beeline for the Blackfin Bar. This waterfront eatery offers shocking perspectives on the harbor and presents new fish dishes made with fixings obtained from neighborhood anglers. You can likewise get some unrecorded music on their outside deck throughout the mid-year months.

For a more relaxed eating experience, look at the Road Bistro. This comfortable eatery works in ranch-to-table food, utilizing privately obtained fixings to make tasty and creative dishes. They likewise have a broad wine list including wines from Vancouver Island and then some.

Embrace the Outdoor Adventures in Perseverance Harbour

Determination Harbor is a little local area situated on Denman Island, simply a short ship ride from Comox. This unexpected, yet invaluable treasure is a sanctuary for outside devotees, with a lot of chances for climbing, kayaking, and untamed life-seeing.

One of the principal attractions in Determination Harbor is the Denman Island Commonplace Park. This park offers various climbing trails that breeze through rich timberlands and along the shore. Look out for bald eagles, deer, and other untamed life as you investigate.

For a novel encounter, take a directed kayak visit with Denman Island Kayak Undertakings. You’ll paddle through quiet waters, past isolated sea shores and rough bluffs, and may try and detect a few seals or ocean lions en route.

Uncover the Vibrant Arts Scene of Comox

Comox Valley has a flourishing expressions local area, and no place is this more obvious than in the town of Comox. The Comox Valley Craftsmanship Display grandstands are crafted by nearby specialists and hosts normal presentations and occasions. They likewise offer studios and classes for those hoping to get innovative themselves.

Another must-visit spot for craftsmanship sweethearts is the Filberg Legacy Cabin and Park. This noteworthy site highlights wonderful nurseries, legacy structures, and an assortment of craftsmanship shows. Each mid-year, they have the Filberg Celebration, a festival of expressions and specialties highlighting north of 130 craftsman from across Canada.

Immerse Yourself in the Rich Culture of iLikeComox

Comox Valley is a blend of societies, with a rich history and various populace. One of the most mind-blowing ways of submerging yourself in the nearby culture is by going to one of the numerous celebrations and occasions that occur over time.

The BC Shellfish and Fish Celebration is a famous occasion that praises the district’s fish industry. It highlights cooking showings, tastings, and voyages through neighborhood shellfish ranches. The Filberg Celebration and the Raise Expressions Celebration are additionally extraordinary chances to encounter the lively expressions scene in Comox Valley.

Experience the Best of Vancouver Island in the Heart of Comox Valley

Comox Valley genuinely offers the most ideal scenario – a peaceful getaway into nature and an energetic social encounter. Whether you’re looking for outside experiences, delightful food, or a sample of neighborhood culture, this locale has everything. So why not plan your next getaway to iLikeComox and find the magnificence of Comox Valley for yourself?


From the flawless scenes of Courtenay to the lively expressions scene of Comox, there is not a single lack of excellence in sight in Comox Valley. Every people group offers its exceptional appeal and attractions, making it an objective that has something for everybody. So gather your sacks, get your camera, and prepare to investigate the shocking locale of iLikeComox.

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